Sunday, June 18, 2017


After a rainy, overcast Friday, coolers temps came in but along with it, some serious humidity. Even though I only ran 8 miles Saturday and 7 miles this morning, I finished both runs up soaked!

Yesterday, I headed out into the Cathance. I felt decent after Friday's long run and enjoyed the woods. Saw one deer, one Northern Flicker and flicked one dog tick off my shoe after running through the dew-soaked fields at the top of the River loop.

This morning, I got out early before our VT100 crew meeting and ran the dump loop out on the powerlines. It was a misty, very heavy morning, but the hay scented ferns smelled heavenly, the blackberry brambles, swamp iris, bunchberry and sheep laurel were abundant and the cinnamon ferns are growing high along the trail edges. Also saw a cool patch of some big mushrooms! Very pretty out there. I contemplated running an additional 1.7 miles to get to an even 50 for the week but the reality is that 48+ is good enough and today's run was a good way to finish up another solid training week.

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