Friday, June 9, 2017

Fun Friday

After dropping Sam off at school and stopping at the farmer's market, I headed over to Bowdoin to run the Commons and Coleman Farm. Lots of ladyslippers, starflowers, bunchberry and wild lily of the valley blooming in the Commons, along with buttercups, wild geranium and wild strawberries along the edge of the Pennelville fields. Saw bobolinks, goldfinch and catbirds flitting about, and the rhododendron were looking gorgeous out in Coleman Farms. The path had been mowed nicely out to the first pond and then the grass wasn't too bad until the second pond, at which point it became a thinly trod ribbon of path through the high grasses along the edge of the fields. I reach a point every summer where I have to take a break from grassy trails so this will probably be my last Coleman Farm visit until fall, but I was very happy to have gotten out there today. Always a good run. A very nice 8 miles for the morning.

After cleaning up and crossing some household chores off my list, Ryan and I headed over to Frontier for a celebratory lunch. His new job starts on Monday! The end of #unemployment fitness but good for the wallet ;) and excited for his new venture!

On the homefront, the iris continue to open out front and my lone columbine plant is once again gracing the back shade garden with its color. Love it 💕

Another colorful addition was this evening's sighting (multiple times) of an Indigo Bunting feeding out back! I might be a total dork but this had me very excited! :) So cool! We also continue to get daily visits from the pair of grey fox living somewhere beyond the fence. Love to see them eating the seed, nuts and whatever else I've put out. Haven't gotten any good photos as they are quite skittish but they are beautiful creatures with the typical black down their tail!

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