Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday at the Brad

Somehow saying yes to a 6:00 am run at the Brad seemed like no big deal, but really, it means getting up quite early ;) Ha! Still, totally worth it for a run with Emma and John! We met at John's house and ran the Bruiser minus the "O," because why would you run the "O" unless you had to?! It was a nice morning, fairly cool but humid, and we had a great time chatting away as we ran.

We made a quick stop back at John's house to refill water and packs and change shirts before heading over to the lot right at 8:00 am. Sean and a relative were there so they joined us up to the summit before taking off to do their own thing.

We headed down the Tote, out on the Boundary and through the stone wall onto the Connector. We did a fun loop on the Wiggles and back up on the Connector before taking the Reverse Mindy to Tote and then out onto the BBU course down Lunchbreak. On the way back up, we showed Emma the boulder field and the new start to the BBU.

I think by the time we were halfway back up Lunchbreak, John was feeling it a bit but he was a good sport and we continued on back up to the summit. We headed down the Terrace and they turned right back to John's house. My watch was only reading 17.5 miles so I took the Northern Loop back up to the summit and down again, with a little extra out and back on the Link, to get in the extra miles I wanted for the day. I felt fine up to the summit but on the return trip, I was feeling a bit tired. Still, happy to have felt great all day and to have had such a nice run with friends! A good 20 miler for sure!

Ryan and Sam came over and met us at John's house and while Ryan went for a short run, John, Sam and I played a few games before we all headed to Edna & Lucy's for a yummy lunch and Toots ice cream for each of us too! A good Saturday at the Brad!

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