Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wrapping Up the Week

Went to bed feeling rather tired and a bit stiff, and honestly didn't sleep well - never do after a long run - but wanted to get up and out for a short run this morning. I finally got myself out the door around 7:30am for a run down to the river and back, adding on the back dirt road to make it 6 miles for the day. My legs were admittedly a bit lethargic to start, but they warmed up nicely as I ran along. It was a cool, crisp, bright and sunny morning - ah, fall! Today's run put me a little over 53 miles for the week, and 40 for the weekend, so I am pretty content with that. One more big week then a bit of taper before BBU 50k, and then onto the next round of 'up' weeks in early November in prep for the Fells.

Later in the morning, Sam and I got out for a nice walk around the Heath while Ryan was out running. While Sam wasn't super enthused initially about the prospect, she did tell me several times while we were out there that she was glad we were out for a hike, just the two of us, and that she was having fun. A leisurely 1.1 miles, looking for frogs and mushrooms and picking up fallen autumnal leaves. Always good to get out in the woods with my girl :)

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