Friday, September 23, 2016

Midweek Running

Tuesday I got out for a nice 7 miles along the cart paths with a loop of the Heath thrown in. The humidity that arrived with Sunday's rainstorm had stuck around, making the air heavy and muggy. A low fog hung in the air. Saturated would be a good word to describe it ;)

Wednesday, Sam got out for her own bit of running, her first XC meet of the fall season! The Topsham Trailblazers ran at Twin Brook. I had a meeting so Ryan had the chance to take her to the meet and watch her run. He said she had her best meet yet! She is definitely stronger this year, and it shows. She finished 17th out of 46 for the girl's 1/2 mile race. Way to go, Sam! So proud of you for your hard work and great run!

Ready to rock the trails!

Start of the race

Team selfie :)

Thursday dawned a bit crisper and cooler and I headed out for a run around 6:10. The clouds were lit up with a wonderful blush pink underglow. Oh so lovely. I ran the lollypop around the Heath and down to the river and took the long way back home on the back dirt road for a nice 6 miles for the morning. Then I spent the evening chasing Sam's XC team around on their hill repeats and taking them on a short trail run through the Mt. A. trails to further tire them out :) Should have logged those miles ;) HA!

Beautiful glow

Sunrise over the Heath

White cotton sedge amidst the fall tinged foliage of the Heath beneath a gold and sky sky

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