Thursday, September 15, 2016


In my opinion we are at the beginning of the best 6 weeks of running all year right now. Humidity tends to be low, the air is crisp and cool, and while it is getting light later in the mornings, there is still enough light to get out at 6:00 am without a headlamp. The air is sweet with the smell of ferns, and the woods and fields are a mix of the wonderful late summer blooms of the white and purple asters and yellow goldenrod and the early fall colors from the turning red leaves on the blackberry brambles, blueberry leaves and the first of the maples shifting to fall foliage.

Running has been light this week, but I've gotten in two lovely early morning runs. Got out on Tuesday morning for 6 miles on the cart paths, with temps hovering right around 50 degrees. Almost felt cold - wonderful! Scared up a Great Blue Heron in the pond along the back dirt road, almost perfectly hidden in among the wooden jumbles of old trees and stumps consumed by the waters, only the S curve of his neck giving him away.

This morning I got out for 7 miles on the powerlines/snowmobile trail out along Lover's Lane and towards the dump. A nice, mellow, flat run on a beautifully crisp morning. Saw another Heron in the Pelletier's pond and scored a handful of late season ripe blackberries. Beautiful pastel light in the sky and nice cool temps.

 Ahhh, fall. I do love you so.

Mist and fall colors rising over the dump pond

Late season goodness

Love these berries that turn from white to blush pink to purple. Some type of Vibernum, I believe.

Fall colors

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