Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cathance Bookends

With Ryan away crewing John in the 100 Mile Wilderness, it was just Sam and I for the weekend. After I dropped her off at school on Friday, I headed out for a run in the Cathance. It was bright, sunny and beautiful, with no humidity and cool temps. Ah, fall. So lovely!

I had thoughts of perhaps making today's run a long run versus the shorter run my "plan" called for, especially since last weekend's mileage didn't exactly pan out as expected. But I still felt tired from being sick last week, so it seemed better to stick to the plan in the end, and I got in a lovely 12 miles out to Head of Tides and back.

Saturday, Sam and I were out of the house from 9:00 am until 6:30 pm. A day of play with my best girl :) The morning was filled with the first day of swim class for the fall followed up with a trip to the farmer's market with Anne and family, listening to the music, poking in the vendor's stalls and picking up a bag of snacking peppers, which Sam proceeded to eat half of on the spot ;) We headed into town for a sushi lunch and a stop at Gelato Fiasco for pumpkin pie gelato. Yum! I love fall! 

Then it was off to Reid State Park for a few hours enjoying the sun, waves and wind at the beach. I was freezing but Sam had a blast playing in the sand and water. Such a Mainer! ;)

We made a few stops to pick up birthday party supplies (7th birthday coming right up. Wow!!) and then finished up the evening with a meal at Shere Punjab. Yum! 

The day was only accompanied by a few eye rolls so I'm calling it a very good day indeed! ;)

Sunday dawned rainy and overcast, so we had a mellow early morning, but then rallied to meet up with Anne and family for a late morning apple picking as the weather began to clear. It was nice and quiet when we arrived, and actually quite warm out, the humidity high after the rainstorm. The girls had fun wandering through the fields, picking apples and pumpkins. We also had the requisite cider donut - yum! - and a bit of playtime on the swing and little tractors before heading home. An unexpected, fun fall activity for the morning!

Ryan, Tyler and John arrived around lunchtime, all looking tired but with many adventures to share. I managed to wait about 1 1/2 hours after they got back before bolting out the door for my run, so you have to give me credit for that ;) Ha. Actually, Sam really was good this weekend and we had a great time. Still, it was lovely to have some quiet time out on the trails! I really do need it to keep centered!! A sticky, soggy, muggy, warm 7 miles out in the Cathance. Saw three turkeys, and despite the fact that mid-afternoon is not my typical run time, felt good. 

All in all, a great weekend!

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