Sunday, September 11, 2016

TARC Fall Classic Not-So-50k

It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but as we all know, sometimes things just do not work out as you envision they would. Between vacation, starting school, getting back to work and picking up germs from our lovely germ factory that is Samantha, both Ryan and I went into Saturday's TARC Fall Classic feeling a bit less than 100%. Of course, Ryan had also just completed the UXBBA 7 days before, so he had that added fatigue going in. Anyway, long story short is that three 10-mile laps turned into 2 for both of us, with the resulting DNF, but still 20 miles run.

We headed down to MA on Friday night after work, had our typical Friday evening pizza dinner and all headed to bed early. With a 6:00 am start, Ryan and I were out the door around 4:40, heading south to Carlisle.

We looked at each other on the way, and laughed, as neither of us had brought a headlamp and it was still darn dark out. Thankfully by the time the start rolled around, the sunrise was glowing along the horizon and there was enough light to see.

Glowing sunrise above the corn fields

Ready to rock?

We ran an initial short loop around the corn fields and then headed into the woods to run the full 10 mile loop. The course wound in and around the Great Brook Farm, with a mix of field running, wider carriage roads and rocky/rooty singletrack. The terrain was mostly runnable, with only a few short, steep pitches, and was nice and rolling. Sadly, there was also a lot of poison ivy, which I never enjoy. Ugh!

It was right around 70 degrees and 91% humidity, making it less than ideal conditions, but thankfully there was a thick cloudcover, so despite being soaked from the get-go from the humidity, at least we weren't sweltering.

I started off well enough but was definitely feeling like I was working harder than I should have been for the effort, and was having a bit of trouble breathing/was feeling congested down in my lower throat. I stopped at the first aid station to use the very well-placed portapotty and just as I was getting back on trail, I was surprised to see Ryan coming in. Huh? He and another runner had gotten off course and run an extra bit before realizing they were not in the right place. We ran together down the wide carriage road and parted ways as we got back onto the singletrack. He might not have been feeling great, but he's still faster than I am ;)

There was nothing stellar about the first loop but I was moving along well enough, it seemed. I stopped briefly back at the start to refill my pack, drop some trash and pick up some new gels, and continued on. I just wasn't really feeling it, though, you know? I started to have frequent thoughts of stopping. I was simply dragging; I didn't have any energy, and began to walk more and more. I was more than happy to stop at the end of lap #2, and honestly, I didn't feel all that torn up about it. Now, I know, if I had put my head down, I could surely have run another 10 miles, but it would also certainly have been a case of diminishing returns and I doubt I would have been anywhere near happy with the results. Sometimes, it is just best to know when to say when, and I had no desire to put myself into so deep of a hole with being still sick that I couldn't get out. Ryan had been feeling serious pain in his sinus and had stopped at the end of lap #2 as well, so certainly not the best day for Team Snowplug ;) Oh well, sometimes things just don't work out as planned and that is OK. We learn from it all, and there are always other races. 

Despite the fact that we didn't finish the full race as intended, as always, TARC puts on a fine show and it was a nice course, with happy volunteers and lots of yummy food at the tables. 

In the meantime, Sam had a great time mini-golfing with Irene and Dana. Thanks, Grammie and Grampie!!

Queen of the hill

Sam and Grammie

And with that, it's back to the trenches ;) Onward and upwards, as always.

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Anonymous said...

The humidity was a sneaky killer on Saturday! Great call to end the day with a 'not so fun' 20 miles. Hope you and Ryan feel better soon, D, and you can get some recovery sleep.