Sunday, September 4, 2016

Head of Tides

Always good to be back home, even if it means getting home after 8:00 pm and then having a 1/2 hour to unpack before you have to get the kiddo to bed, which leads to more unpacking and many loads of laundry the next day ;) Thankfully we were able to tagteam most of the chores and things went fairly smoothly. Even better, I was even able to sneak out for a run on Saturday morning. 

It was a four deer, cool temps, bright sunlight, mushroom-filled, stop to pick blackberries, tired legs sort of run. I headed out around 7:30 onto the trails in the Cathance to Head of Tides. The river is very very low right now and the woods are quiet, but there were tons of mushrooms popping up everywhere. I didn't stop to take photos of them all, but I saw lots of different shapes and varieties. I am not yet up to speed on all the different shrooms out there yet, though. It is a work in progress for sure. 

I actually was moving at a decent pace, and felt good on the flats, but anytime I hit an incline my legs let me know that they were tired ;) Vacationing (read: with kids) is hard work! Oh, and it could have been the mountain running and time spent hiking too ;) Either way, it was a good 11 miles on the home trails.

Yellow Tuning Fork Coral Mushroom

Some type of Stropharia

Purple Asters out at Head of Tides

White Waxy Cap (?)

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