Thursday, September 29, 2016


No morning run on Monday. After 4 days in a row that totaled up to 46 miles, a rest day was much needed. Although I did run with Sam's XC team, and I should have worn my watch. I'd guess we ran 1 1/2 miles but it was in a few chunks at a slow pace with some walking breaks, so not super taxing :)

Tuesday I got up and out into the dark and stormy morning and ran the cart paths. It was a rainy, windy, dark 6 miles.

Wednesday's running consisted of short sprints around the fields of Falmouth Community Park as I tried to keep the chaos under control at Sam's XC meet as the coach in charge. Thankfully there were only about 10 kids running, so that helped ;) It was a beautiful afternoon and Sam had fun, despite the fact that she got caught up in the back of the pack and doesn't yet have the elbowing skills to move through the crowd ;)

Smiley 1/2 milers

Focused on the start line

Headed out

This morning, I was up and out around 5:55 am in the darkness. Headlamp definitely needed. Ran down the powerlines and enjoyed the glow rising on the horizon as the sun started to come up. As the sky got light, the birds started chirping and flitting about. Of course, in typical Danielle fashion, I fell on this run, not in the dark on any of the short rocky stretches, but once it was light on the flattest stretch possible ;) Ha ha ha. Oh so graceful! Nice 8 miles for the morning, even if I did finish with my knee a bit bloody ;)

Sunrise along the powerlines

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