Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weekend Running and Relaxing

Met up with John and Andy yesterday morning at Bradbury for a run at 6:00 am. We headed over onto the BBU course but once out on the connector before heading up the hill toward Tryon, we turned left on that inviting looking trail that wanders out into the open woods. It took us out onto the Wiggles, meandering through some really lovely woods and dropped us back out toward the bottom of the hill near Lawrence Road. It made for a nice, interesting change of pace and it's always fun to explore new trails!

Andy picked up a whole lot of deerflies along the dirt road as well as a few ticks along the powerlines, but luckily neither stuck to me. Guess it pays to be the slowest and the shortest sometimes ;)

When we got back to the park, we took the Reverse Mindy and Tote up to the summit and then down the switchback to the lot for 9.5 miles in a little shy of two hours. It was fun to run with those guys and catch up; don't think I've had the chance to run with Andy in well, maybe ever?, but he is a really great guy and it is always fun to chat.

Back at the lot we found Sean, who ran with me across the street. I had plans to run 20 for the day but they sort of fell apart when my stomach wasn't feeling great on Island, and honestly I had just had felt a bit off all morning. I was also incredibly soaked. Not sure if it was just the humidity or something else, but I didn't feel like gutting it out so rounded the mileage to 12 and headed back to the car. My theory was that it was better to cut it there, rest up and still have the chance to get in a long run on Sunday than get in a medium distance run.

I felt a bit off all afternoon, but we did manage to get Sam's new bed set up. Yes, she's only been on the floor on a mattress for 4 years now ;) although honestly, it has worked for us and for her, so it really has been fine. Still, it is nice to get her a proper bed! And it only took us 3:20 to set up ;0

Gigi "supervising"

Sam and her new bed

Later in the evening, we roasted marshmallows over the grill to make smores and lit sparklers in the yard. Ghetto? Yes. But fun? Well, yes ;)


I had the thought it my head when I went to bed at 8:20 :) that I would attempt to get up and go out at 5:00 to get in six miles on the cart path before Amy came over to run a 12-mile road loop at 6:00. I didn't mention it to Ryan, not wanting to jinx it nor wanting a lecture on why I should just rest after not feeling great during my Bradbury run ;), but when Gigi woke me up at 3:30 am by walking all around my head, I figured it was a sign, so I got up and got myself ready. I was out the door at 4:55 am, with the sky lightening and the air crisp and cool. Kept the pace easy and just enjoyed being out. Had a deer bound right in front of me along the powerlines at mile 5.2 and enjoyed a few ripe blueberries too. Then it was back to knock on Amy's car window, use the bathroom, eat a bar, throw on my pack and head out for the rest of the run.

We ran up 201 for about 5 miles, which is more than I'd ever want to do alone or at any point during the day when that road is busy, but at 6:00 am, it was quiet, the light was lovely and having Amy to chat with kept me occupied ;) Then we headed down and up Doughty over to Meadow, completing the loop out through the back roads of Bowdoin and Topsham. Some good hills and good company. It really is nice out that way. Fields of wildflowers, cedar waxwings and goldfinch flitting about, inquisitive cows along the roadside. 

A good 18 miles indeed!

Sunlight and hills

Saying hi to the cows

Ryan went out for his run with Nate when we got back, so after cleaning up, Sam and I went out and did two loops around the neighborhood so she could get in a bike ride. Of course, she wanted to bring her doll and then the doll kept falling out of the front pouch, so who ended up doing two laps around the neighborhood with a doll in hand? Yup, that would be me :)

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