Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July Fun

We kept our holiday pretty mellow but had a lot of fun, starting with pancakes and bacon for breakfast, a nice mid-day hike on new trails, lunch out, and dinner with John.

We are working on the Summer Trail Challenge, which is a mix of trails we have hiked and new trails, so for yesterday morning's hike, we chose a hike out in Harpswell that we have not done before, the Devil's Back Trail. It was a short loop but through some interesting woods and along Long Cove. Very pretty and a nice 1.4 mile walk for the day!

After a relaxing lunch on the deck at SeaDog, we headed home for the afternoon. John came over for dinner, and later, the evening devolved from quiet reading and peacefully roasting marshmallows for smores (over the grill, yes, but still...) to shooting marshmallows at each other and Ryan maniacally attempting to light sparklers in the wind, using up about 4 dozen matches in the process. There was much laughter and much shrieking :) A good evening!

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