Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Seven

An overcast, muggy, rather dreary and rainy morning. In fact, in the woods, it was almost dark, despite the fact that at 6:25 it should be more than light out at this time of year. Also very quiet. Still had a few good wildlife sightings: scared up a Heron in the Heath, saw a deer in the field at the top of the Rapids Loop, and then saw a Belted Kingfisher flying and calling out as it flew low along the river.

Got in a nice 7 miles for the morning, and then took Sam to get donuts with her little friend Anne while Ryan was out for his long run. It's been three weeks since they've seen each other, and as Sam says, "It's been like 80 years since I saw her!" :) Ah, to be 6 again...

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