Friday, July 1, 2016

Just Another Day at the Beach...

Sam's had a pretty awesome start to the summer so far! We are so lucky that we were able to have both a fun weekend in Southwest Harbor with Irene and Dana to kick off the summer AND have my parents here for the past two weeks to take her on adventures and have fun with her while Ryan and I were working. We are truly blessed! Mom and Dad, thank you so much. Sam had a great time with you, and we were so happy to have you here!

To keep with the fun summer theme today, after Mom and Dad headed home and Ryan headed to work, Sam and I headed south to Crescent Beach for the morning. We got there nice and early and enjoyed a bit of quiet on the beach before the parking lot and sand filled up with people out on a beautiful day.

We spent about 3 1/2 hours out in the sun and sand, and even though the water was cold Sam was in for quite a while several times, swimming around and enjoying the waves (well, until one knocked her over at the end, but hey...). She even got me in up over my knees at the very end for a few minutes, which is a feat, for sure ;) A fun day at the beach!

Just another day at the beach ;)

Quiet Crescent

Fun in the waves

Searching for rocks and shells

Obligatory stop for ice cream, complete with red, white and blue sprinkles & nails ;)

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