Sunday, February 24, 2019

Snowy Sunday

Got out just as the snow was starting to fall this morning. I wasn't feeling like running roads so I decided to risk it and head over to the Cathance and see how conditions were. Getting there was rather unpleasant over Mt. A and along hole #3. Even along the Heath wasn't the best, as although there had been some traffic, things weren't super packed. But once I crossed the road and hit the Cathance proper, the trails were pretty sweet! There had been a lot of traffic and things were packed out nicely. It was really nice running!

I meandered along, enjoying the trails, the flowing river and the gently falling snow.

I did a few loops and then headed back via Highland Green Road to avoid the aforementioned terribleness that was Mt. A and the gold course. Snow was falling a bit more heavily now, and the sidewalks were picking up snow but although I ran cautiously, I didn't come across any ice until literally two steps before I was going to stop and put on my spikes to hit the powerlines. It was a slow motion fall, but still ouch! After picking myself up gingerly, I continued on my way and willed myself to finish up with a few laps around the neighborhood to get the 10 I was intending!

Despite the fall, it really was a nice run and it was great to get out in the Cathance and find some good conditions!! (10.0 miles)

Wrapped up the week with 48.6 miles, and happy to have felt pretty good overall, but still, looking forward to a down week next week 😀

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