Sunday, February 10, 2019

6 + 6

Intended to get up yesterday to run before Ryan went over to Brad to mark the snowshoe course but woke up to hear the wind roaring, and knowing it was dark and icy out, I just decided to go back to sleep and run later. I mean, even if it was still windy and icy later, it would at least be daylight!

Headed out around 2:00 pm. Decided to drive over and park at the ecology lot to jump right into the woods and avoid the wind. There was only one car in the lot and I had the trails all to myself. The river was roaring, I was hidden from the wind and there were some nice packed runnable stretches to enjoy. Of course, there were also a few bare spots as well as a lot of ice scattered in between the packed trails, but overall, it was a good afternoon run! (6.0 miles)

Finally broke into the Yeti finish cookie after dinner. It seemed sort of a shame to eat such a cool looking cookie, but it sure was delish! Yum!

This morning, I got up and out early for a run before Sam and I headed over to the Brad for the race. It was light enough at 6:20 to not need a headlamp (hurray for more light!) and although it was cold, there was no wind so I was comfortable enough all bundled up. I took the high route on the powerlines to get over to the road and it was almost ice-free. I was treated the entire way to a glorious sunrise. Lovely. (6.0 miles)

Later in the morning, we headed over to Brad to help at the race. As always, it's great to hang out with friends and see all the happy runners cross the finish line without having to snowshoe race myself 😂😂 Ha! A good way to wrap up the weekend!

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