Saturday, February 9, 2019

Recovery Week

Pretty mellow week in terms of running. Got out Tuesday morning and ran an out and back along Highland Green Road. Powerlines were a bit soft, roads were a bit slick with ice and the legs were a bit stiff but nothing horrible. Pretty start to the sunrise at the end of the run. (5.0 miles)

It warmed up into the high 50s during the day despite the cold start and I decided it was just too nice to sit inside during swim lessons, so I put on my Inov-8s and took a walk around Bath in my work clothes. Ha! I think the loop I walked will be a good one to use later in the spring/early summer as a short pre-sauna run for Western States! (2.0 miles walked)

Wednesday morning, I attempted the trails but things were so icy after all the warm weather yesterday that I aborted to the roads. (5.2 miles)

Yesterday, I headed out onto the bike path for a longer run. It was grey and dreary and raining slightly but I was layered up and once I got going, I was warm enough despite it only being 37 degrees out. Thankfully it wasn't windy, so that helped too! The path along the Connector to the Highlands was pretty icy and sidewalks were a bit sketchy but luckily the bike path itself was clear of ice and was just wet. The legs are definitely still feeling last weekend's miles so it wasn't the prettiest of runs but just keeping it easy this week, so that's OK! (11.0 miles)

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