Sunday, February 11, 2018


This weekend has kind of been consumed by snowshoe racing, but I did manage to sneak a run in both days. Yesterday, I did not, however, manage to get up before Ryan headed over to the Brad to mark the course, so I was relegated to an afternoon run, which is never my favorite. Add in the 2+" of wet slushy snow, uncleared sidewalks, the warm weather melting all the snow and a general overall overcast afternoon and I'm chalking this one up as blah 😁 😐 But regardless, I managed to get some miles in, so it wasn't all bad. (7.0 miles)

This morning was the second snowshoe race of the series. I got up and out in the darkness, and found a whole lot of black ice, which made for a rather slippery slidey, tiptoey, please-don't-fall kind of run, but again, I got it done and was back in time for Ryan to head over to Brad for set-up. (6.0 miles)

The forecast had been looking grim, but thankfully the rain held off until all the racers had finished, which was especially good for those of us standing around volunteering at the finish line! Still a bit raw and damp. Sam made a pretty cool snowman while I worked the finish line, and that is the only photo from the weekend 😂😀

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