Saturday, February 3, 2018


Another year older, but I still don't feel a year over 32 😂 😂

It was a chilly morning so I took my time and drank an extra cup of coffee before I headed out.

Morning goodness

When I headed out around 8:30, it had finally warmed up to above zero and the sun was shining brightly. With the new snow atop the ice and packed snow and uneven surfaces, it was not a fast run, but a lovely meander out in the woods and down along the river. I found a few ice pancakes and some cool ice formations along the river's edge as well as a lot of animal tracks. (7.0 miles)

Icy river


Pancake ice!

Happy runner :)


Later in the day after Ryan had gotten in his run and we all had lunch, we headed back to the Cathance with our snowshoes for a hike. Even more ice pancakes this time around and some fun wandering on the trails with my two loves. Birthday happiness 💗 and a fun hike in the woods on a gorgeous chilly winter day! (1.2 miles hiked)

The kiddo having fun in the woods

Busy busy 

Still icy...

Yay snowshoeing!

Cool layers of ice along the river's edge

Happy 💕

Snow covered trees and afternoon light

Icy flowing river

Ice pancakes

More ice pancakes!

Tromping through the snow

Busy mouse maze!


Flowing river

Cool compressed quarry ice circle

Frozen foam

Me and the kiddo 💗

Sam had a sleepover with Anne tonight (thanks, Kristen and Phil!) so after Ryan and I dropped her off, we headed into town for dinner and drinks at Frontier. A fun evening out and a great way to end the day! 43 isn't looking so bad 😏

Fancy drinks

Only one candle, thank goodness 😂 😜 💕

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