Thursday, February 8, 2018

In & Out

Monday was a planned rest day. Tuesday, I got up with enough time to quickly get in my arm and leg strength routine but relegated myself to running the indoor track during swim practice in the evening. 65 laps, a Des Linden podcast and a whole lot of weaving in and around people to keep things interesting. (5.0 miles)

Wednesday, I got out around 5:15 am and enjoyed a run through the Cathance. Trails were an interesting mix of bare ground, glare ice and solid packed if uneven snow. Such a change from running out there on Sunday morning with Emily! (7.1 miles)

But not to worry, yesterday’s storm mean the ground is covered again! It’s a crapshoot regarding what I’ll find out at Brad tomorrow morning though, so I’m bringing my screwshoes in case I need to hit the roads for some miles before I meet up with the ladies at 9:30! I’ve got to get the long run in so I’ll make it happen one way or another, whether trails or road or a mix!!

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