Sunday, February 4, 2018

Finishing Out the Week

Finished out the week with a fun, snowy run in the Cathance and out to Head of Tides with Emily this morning. We had gotten a little bit of new snow overnight and the Hillsounds were definitely necessary due to a fair amount of ice still lurking under the snow, not to mention the uneven surface throughout. I was happy to find the route out to Head of Tides to be in similar shape as the rest of the trail system with enough traffic that it was doable, if a bit slow going. It was a nice but overcast morning but the Cathance never disappoints, even if most of the pancake ice had disappeared overnight!

Snow started to fall in earnest with about 3 miles to go and the return trip along the golf course was insanely windy with snow/hail hitting our faces. Ouch! Still, overall, a nice meander and fun to chat and catch up with Emily along the way!

I was doing my best to stay on my feet, keep talking and not go too slowly, so somehow I never got a photo of us out there on the trails but it was fun!

By the time we got back to the house, Sam and Ryan had whipped up pancakes and bacon for us, which, along with some fresh coffee, was delicious and a perfect ending to a good run! ☕ 😃 (10.2 miles)

Today's run put my week at 37.4 miles, which is probably a bit high for a down week, but it was all good, fun running so I'll take it!

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