Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Midweek Miles

I'm taking this week as a down week, even though part of me wants to get in a long run on Friday due to conditions being so nice and hard-packed right now. But, the reality is that while I started back up and felt pretty decent running through late November and December, I wasn't running a ton of miles, so the past three weeks have been my biggest block since before Pinhoti. While Laurel Highland training is in full swing, it's still early in the training cycle and with that, I need to be smart about it all and take a down week this week.

With that said, I took off Monday as is typical after a weekend of running but yesterday, I just did not get up and out the door in the morning. I did at least manage to get up with enough time to get in some quick arm and leg work, including 30 push-ups, which is big for me! :) Then, to get in the miles, I decided I would run on the indoor track during Sam's swim practice. It is not my ideal choice, but it is better than a treadmill and it is a good option on these winter days when it is just frankly harder to get out the door some mornings. I downloaded the new Amelia Boone podcast from the Morning Shakeout to listen to during my laps, and really enjoyed it. The track was relatively quiet, or at least the people walking and running were fairly well behaved ;), and with the podcast going, the 65 laps went by pretty quickly. (5.0 miles)

#swimpracticerunning #13lapstothemile

This morning, I did manage to get up and out of bed ;) so I enjoyed a nice crispy crunchy run on the trails with the brilliant bright moon shining down onto the icy snow. I ran out into the Cathance, enjoying the roaring of the river, a few ice pancakes and some solidly packed icy trails. On the way back, I took the powerlines and had the chance to watch the glow on the horizon on one side and the moon still shining brightly on the other. #earlymorningrun #crunchcrunch (6.3 miles)

Brilliant moonlight

Glow on the horizon

Icy moonlit trails

Glowing ice ;) 

Looking forward to three good days of running over my "weekend," as a down week means there's no pressure and I can just have fun with the miles I do get in :)

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