Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We kicked off 2018 by taking down the Christmas tree, doing a bit of culling from Sam's craft bins and shelves and getting all the fun new stuff we received at Christmas put away. It was nice to have today to get things all settled and back in order before we head back to reality tomorrow.

I had Ryan prop up the Christmas tree next to one of the oaks out back. The juncoes started hopping around in it right away. I might try to make some garland and some peanut butter/bird seed pine cones to hang in it later this week. Might as well make good use of it now that it's no longer gracing our house full of ornaments!

After that was done, I headed out for a run around 11:15. Can't start off the new year with a zero! Plus have to take advantage of daylight running when I can!! It had warmed up to the low single digits although with the wind, the weather app still said it was a feels like temp of -9. Brrr. This cold snap is serious business... and it is looking like it is going to stay pretty cold through the week too. Crazy.

I donned my Hillsounds and hit the snowmobile trails across the street, taking Mt. A. and hole #3, which had been groomed, over to the Cathance. The trails have seen a lot of traffic and they were pretty nicely packed. Out in the woods, I was fairly toasty, even though the shining sun wasn't giving off much heat! Enjoyed a lovely hour out in the woods. Always good to get out on our home trails :) (6.0 miles)

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