Sunday, January 7, 2018

Cold Again

After the snowstorm, temps fell again. It's crazy the length of time it has been so cold. I can't even remember when it was last above freezing! 😁

Friday was a rest day so I did my errands and household chores and in between got a lovely and much needed massage from Lauren and did a little crafting for the Christmas tree out back.

I am a total dork, but it was a lot of fun! Of course, within a 1/2 hour the squirrels had taken off with 4 of the 6 birdseed ornaments 😆 but I did see some juncoes enjoying the seed on the remaining two until those were absconded with as well 😂

Yesterday morning we were supposed to head up to Bar Harbor for a swim meet. We figured it would be a great excuse to go visit and spend the night with Kate and Jamie so we had plans to head to their house after the meet and enjoy some yummy wood fired pizza, spend the night, and then get in a fun run with Jamie and John on Sunday before heading home. Unfortunately, Sam ended up feeling yucky with a wonky stomach, plus Ryan has a cold and is feeling pretty lousy, so we had a change of plans and stayed home instead 😢 We were really sorry to have to miss out on a fun weekend away but I know it was the right thing to do, especially as Sam didn't even put up a fight at all when I told her I didn't think it would be a good idea to go!

Cold temps and high winds were making it fairly inhospitable outside so I decided to stick with my plan for no running for the day. Instead, I made banana bread and enjoyed it with coffee while relaxing on the couch, we hung out and played games, and by the evening, we decided to get out and go get some soup as Sam was feeling better and Ryan was hoping the pho would kill off his cold germs. Not what we had planned for the day but a good quiet day, which was just what they needed!

It was still -6 this morning when I woke up this morning, so I was in no rush to get out and run, and with no plans for the day there was no need! Instead, I had an early lunch and waited until the temps rose into the single digits before finally donning my shoes and heading out the door around 12:30. It was bright and sunny but frankly, the run wasn't all that awesome, as the powerlines were way too soft to run on and the sidewalks throughout were just not cleared well at all. The one good stretch of running was on the back dirt road which had been plowed down to nicely packed solid snow. Ah well. Hopefully things will get packed and cleaned up a bit more this week for some better running! (7.0 miles).

After I got back and had a quick snack, I put on a new set of outdoor clothes and the three of us headed over to Mere Creek Golf Course to get in a little late afternoon xc ski. With Sam feeling better, we figured a bit of activity would be a good thing, and hopefully the fresh air would help Ryan too! There had been a lot of traffic out on the trail, and I was super impressed with how much Sam had improved since last season. So much stronger and faster! We had a great ski out to the end and then tromped back along the edge of the golf course as the light faded. 

A really nice way to finish up a weekend that wasn't quite what we planned! 💗

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