Sunday, August 13, 2017

NJ Fun

The drive to NJ on Thursday night went fairly smoothly but 5 hours of driving is still a lot, and getting up early for my run and finally going to bed around midnight once we got all settled in at the hotel, made for a long day.

Friday morning, we got up without an alarm and down to breakfast to meet up with Irene and Dana around 8:30. The plan was for them to take Sam in the car over to Meg and Chris's place and Ryan and I would run there via the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. Although it was flat as a pancake, mostly concrete and complete with a lot of odd right angles as the path wound around big buildings along the edge of the river, it was also a really neat way to see the city and get in a run that involved mostly running on pedestrian-only walkways through little green spaces, past a few parks and along the edges of some pretty fantastic waterfront apartments, plus a few industrial spaces. Neither of us was feeling very peppy so we took our time and stopped to take touristy photos and enjoy the views. There was a nice breeze and we got in a good 8 miles for the morning.

The rest of the day was spent walking through the city to lunch at Bareburger, helping Meg make the cake for Gavin's birthday party and walking down down to the pier along the Hudson River to enjoy some yummy food truck food for dinner. There may have been just a wee bit of chaos thrown in ;) but it fun to see the cousins together!

My legs were ready for a break on Saturday morning, so there was no running, but with Gavin's birthday party at the Turtleback Zoo, there was still a fair bit of walking involved! It was a nice, overcast day and we spent about 4 1/2 hours at the zoo, exploring and seeing the animals, having lunch and cake and celebrating Gavin's 4h birthday. Lots of fun!

Then it was back to the apartment to open presents, and of course, eat more :) 

I must admit to being fairly exhausted by the time this morning rolled around, so I did not get up and out the door for a run before we took off for home and made the 7 hour drive back to Maine. Such is life. But no matter, it's a recovery week anyway, so I am not too concerned :)

Overall, a great, crazy weekend with the family and so glad we had the chance to see everyone!

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