Thursday, August 10, 2017


Sam said to me the other night, 'I think we are the busiest family I know!' You tell it, kid! We have always had a penchant for cramming as much in as possible and usually it is all fun stuff, but sometimes it gets to be a bit overwhelming 😁😁

Sunday was, of course, an absolutely gorgeous day. Figures 😂😂 I was pleasantly surprised to not feel that bad after Moosalamoo, other than tired, of course. Ryan went for a short run after breakfast to take advantage of the nice weather, and Sam, Irene, Dana and I got out for nice 1 mile walk around the block. Sam got in a few sprint intervals along the way and a mellow walk was a good way to get in some movement after the race.

Throwing in a few sprints along the way

Bright smile, bright shoes!

Monday, Sam started her three weeks up at the Bath Y camp. When I picked her up in the afternoon, this is what I found her doing. Fun!


Swinging fun

We stopped at the powerlines near Highland Green to pick blackberries on the way home. None of the berries even made it into the house - Sam ate them all up except for the handful I managed to eat myself. I must say they were pretty delish! 😄

Tuesday morning, I got up and out for a run on the cart paths. It was raining. Of course 😆😆 Although I did get one big blister under my big right toe and had a lot of little chafe marks from being wet for 8 hours on Saturday, overall, I think my body held up pretty well to the race miles and time. Just a bit fatigued, but otherwise, the legs felt decent. 6 miles for the morning.

I got a massage that afternoon from my friend, Lauren, and even she said, you really aren't all that tight considering the running you do. I'll take it!

When I picked Sam up in the afternoon, they were back in the gym, but this time they were on the wall! What fun! She told me she had gotten up the side wall twice (where the girl in the green is climbing) and she made it about 2/3 of the way up the front wall before coming down. Pretty impressive!

Rock climbing

Rockin' the wall in flourescent pink shorts 😍😍

Headed down

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and did some of her summer reading before heading to bed.

Wednesday, I will readily admit that I just did not get out of bed. I hadn't slept well Saturday or Sunday night, so a bit of extra sleep in the morning felt good, and necessary. But I did manage to finish up enough to work during the day so that I could head out early and get over to Crystal Spring Farm for a few miles on the trails before picking Sam up after her camp field trip to Coffin Pond. It was a lovey breezy afternoon for 5 miles on the farm trails.

The evening involved laundry and packing, in prep for our departure to NJ tonight after work and camp. It is a long drive and getting in at midnight is not the greatest, but it does avoid a lot of traffic and allows us two full days there to visit.

I wanted to try to get in a 10 miler before work this morning so that I didn't feel like I had to do anything "long" down in NJ. I also had to get back so that I could take Sam in to her dentist appointment at 7:30 before getting her up at camp.

See what I mean about busy?! 😜

I managed, rather miraculously I think, haul myself out of bed a little before 4:00 am and head out into the darkness by 4:40 with my headlamp on. Amazing how we lose daylight so quickly at this time of year. I kept the headlamp on for almost an hour until the sky began to lighten enough that I could see in the woods. Out on the cart paths, it wasn't as bad, but the woods stay dark longer. I ran a loop of the cart paths with a trip down to the river and back thrown in then took the long way home to round things out. I felt tired, but it was a pretty morning to be out watching the sun rise and I was glad to get in the miles so that we can run shorter tomorrow morning down in the city.

Misty morning sunrise over the Heath

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