Friday, August 4, 2017


Keeping this week's running nice and mellow as I know I'm going to be in for some rugged running and a long day on Saturday.

Tuesday I got out nice and early but realized quite quickly that I needed a bathroom break. I altered my route in the hopes of being able to use one of the two port-a-potties that are typically stationed near the track and tennis courts, but neither was there. Ack! So instead, I ran the mile home, made a short pitstop and then headed back out for another few miles. It was humid and the deer flies were out, but there were lots of raspberries and blackberries to be picked, so it wasn't all bad ;) A random 6 miles for the morning.

Wednesday morning, it was about 8 degrees cooler, just enough to keep the deerflies at bay. I ran out into the Cathance, enjoying the misty sunrise over the Heath and the early morning light along the river. Saw two deer and had a snowshoe hare running straight at me on the trail at full speed before it veered off into the woods only a few feet from me! Another 6 miles.

Today, I headed up to Dodge Point for a morning run with Keri and Mindy. Such fun! We've been trying to coordinate for a while, and I've been looking forward to hitting the trails at Dodge Point this summer too, so when the ladies agreed to a short run with me up there, it seemed like the stars had aligned ;) Yay running!

Although the preserve doesn't provide a huge amount of trails, there is some nice variety with rooty singletrack through the woods, an old woods road down to the river and some nice vistas along the Damariscotta. I really enjoyed exploring some new-to-me trails and it was so great to catch up with the ladies! We got in a nice mellow 6 miles, chatting away and enjoying the views, and then headed into town for some lunch. It was a great morning!

We will head over to VT tomorrow morning from Ryan's parents house. Forecast is calling for rain, thunderstorms and "small hail" - eeek! 😬😬 I think it is going to be an intersesting day!

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