Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weekend Fun

Got in a 13 mile road run yesterday morning while Sam was at her swim lessons. I've been languished in the 10-11 mile range the past few weeks, so it was good to add on a few miles! The roads were a mix of bare pavement and black ice/packed snow/hard ice, so it was a bit iffy at times but luckily it was early on a Saturday morning and there wasn't much traffic so it worked out OK. Ran out through town on River and down 201 to Meadow Cross and Meadow and then home. Did a short out-and-back on Meadow to add on a few miles. Decent loop and I felt good cardio-wise, although my the end my feet were hurting. All that pavement :) In any event, a good way to start the day.

After Ryan got in his run at lunchtime, we all headed over to Mt. A. to enjoy the snow and play on our xc skis. Sam really could probably use a lesson but she did a great job! It was nice and warm and sunny with soft snow and no people, so it was a great way to just get some time on the skis for her, and she definitely got more confident the longer we were out there. We got in a few laps and several attempts on the hill in the hour+ we were out, which was perfect!

Of course, when we got home, she wanted to take me over to the sledding hill and show me the jump run they had made. Let me tell you, that was one jump! I did it once but that was enough :) Luckily, there are other straighter, flatter runs on the hill and we had fun sledding for a while longer. She could have gone up and down all day long. Yah sledding!

This morning, Ryan headed over to Val's for his run and Sam and I followed up a bit later. We donned our snowshoes and headed out. Wow! It was like spring and we were way overdressed. Sam shed layer after layer as we hiked along, and I ended up taking off my jacket as well. The sun was bright and warm and it felt so nice! We got in a nice 2 mile hike down to the river and back, and then I was able to head out to run a "loop" with Emma, which was fun! Great to be out on the snow in the warm sunshine and get in some miles with friends. Ryan ran 20 miles on snowshoes (!!) while I stuck to a shorter 5.75 miles, but am happy to have finished up the week with 33 miles. Onward and upward!

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