Sunday, February 5, 2017

Runaround Pond Running

This morning, Amy and I met up for a run starting at Runaround Pond. Conditions, similar to Friday, were as solid as they come - great running. It was a bright and beautiful morning, good for exploring! We ran out 5 miles on the snowmobile trails, meandering through fields, across ponds and marshy areas, and out through quiet woods. At least one or two snowmobiles had been out since the last 1+" of snow, along with some fat tire bikers, but we saw no one except one friendly guy walking his neighbor's dogs.

With the thin layer of snow atop the packed surface, we saw a lot of tracks along the way, including one of an owl swooping down for a snack, the feathers of its wings captured perfectly in the snow. Very cool.

I was extra happy to have my right leg feeling good without much tightness at all, and of course, it was great to catch up with Amy! A good 10 miles for the day, followed up by yummy lunch at Edna & Lucy's and the sweet surprise of a birthday gift, which included these awesome socks ;) Thanks, Amy! A good morning indeed :)

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