Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vacation Day

Sam is at camp this week for February vacation, and today was a day off for me. I couldn't convince Ryan to run with me in the morning (I wonder why? 20 miles on snowshoes will do that, I guess! ;)) so I headed over to Bradbury after dropping Sam off at Riverview in the morning. I decided I'd run on the mountain side and see what I could find. Northern Loop up to the summit had been well tracked by snowmobiles. As the temps were already creeping into the mid-30s, the snow was fairly soft and right away, I could feel how tired my legs were, so I just tromped along, taking my time. The view up at the summit was quite nice, with sunlight streaming through the clouds. Very pretty.

From there, I ran down the Boundary Trail, much for more fun than running up it! It had been fairly well packed and tracked, but I'd say I was just on the edge of postholing in my Hillsounds and any time I stepped just off the edge of the packed ribbon, it was very soft. A lot of the inner trails hadn't seen much traffic, so instead of taking the long way up Tote, which wasn't well packed, I ran back to Northern Loop, and out along the Boundary in the other direction up to the summit. I finished up the run with another trip down Northern Loop then up Terrace and down Northern Loop again for 6 miles. It was a nice morning to be out in the woods and the trails were quiet in the morning, although the lot had gotten quite full by the time I returned to the car! 

After lunch and getting a few things done, Ryan and I decided to go take a snowshow walk out in the Cathance. Trails there had seen traffic but were still pretty soft. Snowshoes were definitely necessary. One of the things I love about the trails out there is that the river and the views are different every day, but always pretty! It is always good to spend some time out on the trails with Ryan and we did a nice 1.8 mile loop.

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