Thursday, February 16, 2017


Well, let's see, shall we? Last Thursday was a snow day. Friday was a 2 hour delay. This Monday was a snow day. Tuesday was a 2 hour delay. Yesterday was a regular late start day for our district, which means a 1 hour delayed start. And today, guess what? Another snow day! Think Sam might get one regular length school day tomorrow before her vacation week begins?! What a crazy winter weather pattern we are in right now. More snow last night after some rain, heavier snow this time, but I'd say only a few inches.

In any event, as is typical of wintery weather, it has made running a challenge. I got out Tuesday morning for a slippery, sloppy 4 mile run on the neighborhood roads. Ryan went out later on the golf course with his snowshoes and it took him over an hour to run less than 3 miles. That is a whole lot of snow! Yesterday morning, I didn't get up early enough for anything big so I just did a 3 mile run through Patriot Commons. The roads were in better shape, so I was able to push the pace a little bit, although things are still slick out there.

Add on this current snow and there is a whole lot of snow to play in! Wowza! Winter sure isn't going anywhere soon!

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