Friday, February 24, 2017

Road Running

Well, after all the snow and three snow days in the span of 7 school days, now we are having a freakishly weird warm weather streak. The snow has been melting rapidly.  It can't be spring yet, but this is a very long thaw, that's for sure.

I took Tuesday off as a much needed zero and then failed to get out of bed early on Wednesday morning. Luckily, work was pretty quiet and I was able to sneak out early and get in a short late afternoon run on the roads around Pennelville. Warm and sunny, with wet roads and a beautiful view out at Simpson's Point. My legs were feeling a bit tight but I tried to keep the pace up regardless and ended up with a fairly quick 5 miles for the day.

I never tire of this view

This morning, I took to the roads again for my long run. I knew the trails would be questionable and with a (mostly dirt, thank goodness) road 50k on the horizon in April, I also need to get in some time on the roads for this to even pan out remotely well :) Although honestly, I just signed up because Ryan was planning on running it as VT 100 recon, and well, why not?! ;) I headed out on Pleasant Hill Road in Brunswick and did a big loop out into Freeport and back on Flying Point Road/Bunganuc/Woodside. My legs felt pretty good after a day off on Thursday, and I'd say I ran the first 5 miles a tad too quickly, as my the last 5 miles, I just didn't have the legs to turn things over at the same pace. A wee bit painful, I might say, and soggy too ;) Yup, got rained on. Twice.

I must say that I find pounding the pavement to just be plain old boring after a while. Flying Point Road seemed to go on and on forever... but if I have to take to the roads, this loop at least afforded me some good hills, decent shoulder, not a ton of traffic and good scenery. And as I was wearing my road shoes this time around, my feet weren't hurting by the final miles, which was a plus! :) 16 miles for the morning.

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