Friday, February 17, 2017

Snow Fun

Sam and Ryan had a great day playing in the snow yesterday while I went in to work, making a big snowfort and sledding all afternoon. Should have stayed home with them ;) What fun!

This morning, after dropping Sam off at school, taking the recycling to the dump and picking up some books at the library, I did a little scouting on the snowmobile trails to see how conditions looked. The snowmobile trail club had been out grooming - hurray! - and I took a few steps on the trail in a few different spots and decided it seemed hard-packed enough that I was going to give it a go with my Hillsounds.

It was a glorious, sunny morning, if a bit breezy, especially on the return trip. Whew! But man, it was lovely out and I had a great time. The woods were insanely beautiful - the trees covered with snow, the sunshine glimmering on the ice. Even saw a Bald Eagle soaring overhead but was too slow with my camera to capture him floating on the breeze ;) I was content with my choice of spikes - the surface was soft but I think it would have been slow going with my snowshoes too, and with all the road crossings, I think the Hillsounds were a good decsion, even if the loop was a good leg workout! If things get packed down a little more, it will be perfect out there, but I'm not complaining! Got in a lovely 7 miles for the morning and am quite happy :)

"Go any direction; only go! You have only to go a few miles to be happy." - John Muir. (Taken from: A Guest Post by John Muir*) Oh so true!

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