Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekend Running and Fun

Motivation is waning slightly at the moment. I don't know. I guess with the election and the still unknown of Ryan's employment status, my head isn't as focused on running as much as it should be at the moment. Went out yesterday morning with the intent, at least kinda-sorta, of running long, but only ended up with 7. Ha! Ran the cart paths and added on the Heath loop in the middle. Nice cool morning. Scared up a half dozen turkeys along hole #3 and they ran off across the green, flying up awkwardly into the pine trees. Honestly, just wanted to be home with the family and was happy to get home to go to Sam's swim lessons and relax with them around the house after lunch and get a few things done instead of being out running for hours.

Of course that meant this morning that I did want to get in some decent mileage. Amy had asked me if I wanted to meet for a short run, so I decided I would go get in some time on my feet before meeting up with her and get somewhere between 14 to 20 miles. It was an overcast morning but with some nice light. I parked at the pond and ran Oak Hill forward and back, starting a little before 7:00 am. The trails were surprisingly leaf covered but it is always nice running on that side of the farm. Back to the car around 8:15 where I met up with Amy. We headed onto the farmside trails, enjoying the quiet and the pretty sky above the browning fields. Much to catch up on, as I don't think we've run together since sometime in early July. Ended up with a good 15 miles and was content with that. Of course, we finished up the morning with coffee and huge bagel for me and huge cookie for Amy :)

Later in the afternoon, we headed over to Anne's house for some football watching, bagel making and what else but sparklers?! :) The girls had a great time, and Kristen and Phil fed us delicious stuffed pretzels and bean soup. Yum! A good way to finish up a good weekend!

The plan is for one more 20 miler next weekend followed up by a taper going into the Fells. In theory, it's all doable, as long as I keep my head on straight :)

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