Saturday, November 19, 2016

Weekday Wanderings

As I ran up the gravel road, the sky was aglow. Fiery, bright and colorful, alight with brilliant pinks on the horizon. And then, just as quickly, it faded quietly back to gray.

A beautiful sunrise this morning. Ran the cart paths and the Heath loop, in reverse for a nice 7 miles. Nothing spectacular about the run, except oh, that glow.

Thursday, I ran the regular 6 mile cart path run, the first 1 1/2 miles by headlamp. Nice light but no spectacular sunrise today. And when I uploaded the run to Strava, I was informed I've run this route 41 times. That's a lot of cart paths :) 

This morning, I got out around 6:20 and enjoyed the light as I ran along the leafy trails in the Cathance. Lots of water roaring in the river. Lovely. On the way back, I ran across the Connector and took the new "trail" that runs from the end of the Highlands road up through the woods to the town hall. It's really a wide paved bike path but will be a nice winter addition should the powerlines be too nasty to run on down to Highland Green Road. A solid 8 miles for the morning.

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