Thursday, November 3, 2016


Feeling a bit more even-keeled this week.

Tuesday morning's run was highlighted by a pink glow along the horizon, frozen puddles along the cart paths, frost-edged leaves and grass, a riot of red winterberries standing out amidst the browning brush along the powerlines. Despite the fact that November is often a bleak month in terms of color and weather, there is still beauty to be found; it is simply a bit more subtle. A nice 6 miles to kick off the month.

Then, oh that pesky Wednesday. Didn't get out of bed again. It was dark and overcast and staying in bed for a while longer was just a much nicer option then getting up at 4:15 and out at 5:00 in the pitch black. But then later in the afternoon the sun came out and temps warmed up into the 50s, and I couldn't resist. I snuck out for a run on the Crystal Spring Farm trails in between work and taking Sam to her swim lessons. The trails were dangerously leafy but it was lovely to run in full daylight, in shorts and short sleeves, on November 2nd. An unexpectedly warm 5 miles for the afternoon. Ahhh...

While not getting out at the crack of dawn worked in my favor yesterday, today it most decidedly did not. I took the day off to get organized for the weekend, and because I get paid for Veteran's Day next week, which falls on a Friday, a day I don't normally work, so I needed to balance out my hours by taking some time off within the same pay period. Oh, twist my arm, will ya? ;) I dropped Sam at school and then did all the errands that needed to be done. By the time I got home, it was pouring. I knew I was going to get wet, so I had an early lunch and got the house cleaning and laundry done and then finally went out around 1:30 pm. The rain had not yet let up, and it was darn soggy out there. Thankfully I have a good running raincoat, and since it was relatively warm out, I wasn't freezing despite getting soaked, but 7 miles was more than enough for the day!

Tomorrow's it's over to the Brad for an early morning run on the mountainside and then off to MA to support Ryan (and Keri, Tami, Linda and Bob (did I forget anyone?!?) at Stonecat!

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