Thursday, November 24, 2016

Chasing Turkeys

Despite the uncertainties of these past few months, there is, as always, much to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat, drink, be merry and enjoy the day!

Kicked off the morning with a 5 mile run around the Georgetown block, chasing a gaggle of turkeys in the first 0.1 miles. Gobble gobble!! ;) felt good and was surprised to see 7:52 for the second mile split. Huh. Well, might as well try to keep it up! Never said I was smart... but just over 40 minutes for the loop is good in my book! So, 500 calories burned, time to eat :)


Tuesday was 6 miles on the cart paths mid-afternoon as it was a half day for Sam. Wednesday morning, I got out for a very mellow 4 miles around the Heath. There was a thin layer of snow still on the big bridges. Trying to be good and taper, but running is just so much more fun ;)

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