Sunday, November 6, 2016

Stonecat Weekend

We missed Stonecat last year and in 2011, but it's one of those races we've been to a lot - 2010 (marathon for me), 2012 (marathon for me) 2013 (first 50 for me), and 2014 (50 mile attempt for Ryan). It's a great race course and always a fun atmosphere, and this year, we headed back this weekend so that Ryan could complete that 50!

Keri and Tami were running the marathon, with Bob Dunfey, George and Linda joining Ryan in the 50. TMR did well, with a 100% completion rate and some great races! Yah team :) Ryan ran a very smart and strong race, churning out of PR for the distance in 8:26:xx. Impressive! It was awesome to see him running well, and I am very proud of all the hard work he has put in this year to stay healthy and get to the start line ready to have a solid run. It was fun to see and to be a part of it all.

It was great to have a bunch of Trail Monsters running, as well as a number of us crewing and cheering for the day. John set up the tent, we cooked pancakes, bacon and sausages, drank more than our fair share of hot coffee, Irene and Dana brought us warm pizza at lunchtime (delicious!), we all had fun chatting, catching up and helping the runners along the way, and we survived a round of hail (yes, hail!) and some very chilly temps in the morning before the clouds finally burned off and it got warm enough for me to take off the second jacket I was wearing ;) Ah, crewing! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Can you feel the excitement?! ;)

50 mile start

Marathoners rounding the field


TMR base camp, with everyone all layered up!

Sam crafting in the morning before they came over to the race

Fun with paints

End of lap #2

Coming into the finish

That's the face of one happy 50 mile finisher! Yah Ryan!

I hadn't really looked at the weather past Saturday, so was surprised to find that it was raining, and hailing (again!), this morning. What wacky weather! So instead of me going out for a run first thing, we all went out for breakfast - yum! - and I waited for the weather to clear before heading out around 12:30. Unfortunately, the rain hadn't cleared the area as much as I had thought and a cold rain fell during most of the run, which combined with a still full stomach, tired legs from standing around in the cold all day yesterday, and too many cars on the road made for a lackluster run. Then my run wouldn't upload, which annoyed me even further. Yah, running! I love you so ;) Ha. But no big deal. 7 road miles done to finish up a 45 mile week. And back to Maine and perhaps even a run start tomorrow morning with no headlamp needed now that it's daylight savings time!

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