Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winter Wonderland Walk at Till We Meet In Hell

This morning was Val's annual Till We Meet In Hell run at Thorncrag. I hadn't planned on going to the run portion at all, thinking I'd either be taking care of Sam (before Ryan got sick) or just going to the after-party (once Ryan got sick) but Amy talked me into walking with her, and Ryan was OK with hanging out with Sam for a few hours before driving up for lunch.

It was a really nice morning for it. A few inches of wet snow had fallen, making the woods look like a winter wonderland and making for good traction underfoot. Plus, temps were mild and there was no wind. The loop was a little over a mile, and since we were walking, we had a chance to see everyone multiple times, and even get lapped by Kate and Chandra. Getting to lap us made Kate practically jump for joy :) Amy and I had a fun time chatting as we walked along, and Ann joined us for a while too. A fun walk in the woods, and a fun last big TMR event for 2014!

Trail Monsters in the snow

Walking the loop

Having fun in the woods

Being goofy :)

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