Friday, December 19, 2014

Time Off

Last week, I felt no urge to run. None whatsoever. Between the weather - cold, nasty, rainy, dreary all week long, trying to stay healthy while I had two sick people in the house, and juggling work, caring for the child with the oozing ear (ew!) and the husband who literally laid on the couch all week he was so knocked out by whatever he had, doctors appointments, and the general things that need to be done around the house to keep things moving in at least a semi-normal fashion, I didn't think about running at all.

Saturday, it was lovely to be out in the fresh air and the woods and move a bit while walking with Amy and Ann at Thorncrag, but I was still happy to be taking a break.

Earlier this week, I had fleeting thoughts of at least getting out for a few walks, but walking in the dark morning hours isn't half as exciting as running, and I was still trying to stay ahead of the sniffles I have, so I opted to stay in instead. But today, well, I told Ryan I would take two weeks off, and heck, what's one day less than two weeks?! Yes, my to-do list is several million miles long and I only have between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm today to get things done, but running is like my therapy and my mind was just begging for a break from my slightly frantic thoughts about Christmas, and cleaning, and getting the house ready, and people staying, and AH! Much like traveling, these sort of things put me into hyper-drive, so while travel is good, holidays and company are good, I have a tendency to go a little nutty at times like this. The solution? I put on my gear and headed over to the Cathance. I ran along the river, taking my time, enjoying the woods, the roar of the water, the crunch of the snow. It was slow going with a fair amount of ice, water, mud and down trees. There were stops for photos and to free birch trees from the snow, but it was a lovely 45 minutes on on the trails. I really needed that!

And now, it's back to that list. That shower isn't going to clean itself (even if I sure wish it would!)!

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healthyincville said...

Traveling & having company unleash all my nuttiness, as well! Glad you were able to get a run in to clear your head!!