Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Still Standing

When we came back to Irene and Dana's on Saturday after the race, we found Sam lying on the couch, feverish and coughing. A bit of ibuprofin worked miracles, but she obviously had something going on. Sunday was more of the same, although we did have a good long stretch where she was her energetic self. We decided to keep her home on Monday so she could rest. Then Ryan got sick too. And Sam woke up with fluid oozing out of her left ear. Ew! Yesterday, both of them stayed home. Sam is definitely on the mend, with the ear drops and antibiotics helping her kick whatever has been in her system, but Ryan is still having a rough go of it.

Sam said the other night, "I hope Mama doesn't get sick. Who would take care of us?" Of course, if I do end up getting sick, I'll still be taking care of everyone, that's just what moms do, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. And so far, I'm still standing (and keeping my fingers crossed that I stay that way!).

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