Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Few City Days

Sam and I journeyed to Staten Island on Saturday with my parents to spend a few days at my sister's. What is normally a 6-hour drive turned into an 8 hour and 15 minute drive. Ugh. Luckily, Sam is a pretty amazing traveler and really was great all day. But man, were we all happy to arrive! :)

Cute little traveler :)

Sunday morning, I got out for a run in the drizzle, running two "laps" around Kristen's neighborhood, for a flat 4.3 miles. Then we had a busy day celebrating Morgan's 9th birthday. The afternoon was filled with pizza and cake, presents and balloon games with the 2nd cousins, plus of course, some wrestling and games with Uncle Sean (well, he's my cousin, so really First Cousin Removed Sean, but that is a bit harder to say!), who is really like a big kid himself :)

Happy 9th Morgan!

Birthday Girl!


Sam and Morgan

Waiting for cake!

So much fun!

Yesterday, I headed out for a more exploratory run, running up Lighthouse Hill and checking out the fancy house on the hill, stopping to take photos of historic Richmond Town, and even hitting a short trail for a bit of dirt beneath my feet. A nice 3.7 miles before we headed out for lunch and a visit to the Children's Museum for the afternoon.

Suburban vista

Morgan's school


Staten Island Coast Guard Lighthouse

The Red Trail


Do you see the deer?


Stream crossing ;)

Historic Richmond Town

I sure hope it's sanitary...

Excited for the Children's Museum

Cuties :)


Nice throw!

Huge domino fun

"Jenga" tower




Jungle fun

Puppet show

This morning we flew back to Portland, and while we had a great visit and Sam really loved getting to spend time with Morgan, it sure is nice to be home!

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