Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pisgah Results, Photos, and a Little Run

Got out this morning for a short run around the block. My quads were still a bit sore before I headed out, but otherwise my legs felt OK, so I figured I would test things out. Things loosened up as I shuffled along but most certainly my legs were tired. I actually wore, and used, my headlamp. Dark at 6:00 am. Guess it is really fall. Nice pink glow on the horizon as I crested the powerline hill by Mt. A. on the return. A pretty morning.

Pisgah results are up.

And here are a few photos:

Team TMR (minus Bob, who was probably off talking to someone. He knows everyone!)

Steep climb after the 8-mile aid station. Can you tell how drenched we are already?

Mustering a smile

Semi-smile at the finish at least :)

And a grimace of pain for this guy... I'd say that about sums it up!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT pics..looks like a typical day in the life of trail running!\