Saturday, September 13, 2014

Head of Tides

I really should run with people who make me push the pace a bit more often. Then maybe I'd be more prone to do that on my own more often too :) Ran out to Head of Tides this afternoon with John. Totally unexpected, but he was driving Ryan home from course marking at the Brad and planning to get in his own run when Ryan had told him I might like company on my run. Well, sure. A quick change and a few exercises and we were off. I haven't run with John in quite a while, and it was fun to catch up as we ran along. Probably the fastest I've run the "new" trail section out to Head of Tides and back (well, at least out to Cathance Road, where we turned around since we were already over the mileage I was looking for). Nice, relatively cool but damp day out in the woods. Got in 9 miles in 1:30, so pretty decent pace for me out there.

While we were running, Ryan and Sam drove over to Head of Tides thinking they might see us while out on their own trail adventure. We probably missed them by a few minutes, but drove back over there after the run to sit on the steps and eat a snack and watch the tide rise.

Out exploring

Nature tracking

Watching the water swirl and rise

Along with running and walking, we also went to swim lessons this morning and Sam helped me bake seven (yes, 7 - well, 6 for the race and 1 for us :) ) banana breads before lunchtime. It's been a busy day!

Official TMR bakers :-)

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