Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Fun

Got up before Ryan headed to Bradbury to mark the Scuffle course and ran a very creaky 3 miles around the short Highland Green loop. Not much to say about the run, and hopefully I'll feel less stiff tomorrow!!

Spent the rest of the day having fun. Sam and I hit Frosty's for donuts then went to the playground at the new elementary school in Brunswick. We were there early but it got hot out there in the sun pretty quickly. Sam had a good time on the swings and running around on the playground, climbing the stairs, etc and going down the slides. We all got home around the same time, and we spent the next few hours hanging around, painting, coloring and eating lunch.

We really wanted to get outside in the afternoon but couldn't agree on a place to go. I finally suggested Giant Stairs, down in Harpswell, and so that's where we headed. There was a lovely walk along the cliffs, and we climbed out and around on the high rock ledges, looking down at the surf below. Sam was our leader on the return trip and she took off running. We had to stop for a few "aid station" breaks for water, but other than that, she ran the whole way back. It's only about a 1/4 mile but still :-) It was gorgeous out there, much cooler than inland and with a nice breeze. Very nice.

On the way home we stopped at a beach for Sam to get in the water and look for shells for a while. A perfect Maine Saturday afternoon!

Shore walk

Watching the surf

Giant Stairs

Running back along the path

A stop at the beach to look for shells and get in the water

So pretty!

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