Sunday, July 7, 2013

Run and Beach Fun

Ryan was meeting up with John and a few others to give them a tour of the Cathance trails this morning, and I wanted to get in a run too. Running after they ran for 15 miles on the trails didn't sound like such a great idea - I knew it was going to be hot and humid again - so I decided to run before they left. That meant an early start. When I told Amy I was going early, she said, what time? I'm in! Only a true friend (and a fellow crazy runner :) ) would get up and come over to your house for a 6:30 am run, for sure! Thanks, Amy :-)

We headed out into the early morning air, and hit the powerlines for the dump loop. There were no deerflies, and honestly, after yesterday, the humidity didn't feel bad at all! We chatted away the whole time, and the miles flew by. Before we knew it, we were back at the house after 7.5 miles, and it was perfect timing. The guys were arriving and getting ready to leave. Even better was that Sam was still asleep! I think we've been tiring her out :-)

Once Sam was awake, we headed to - where else? - Frosty's for donuts and then back home to play and hang out a bit. After Amy left, I caught up with the guys for a bit, which was fun too.

Ryan wasn't up for heading out into the heat again, so he stayed in this afternoon while Sam and I went over to Wolfe's Neck to collect shells and look for hermit crabs on our favorite beach. When we got there, we were in for a surprise! The baby osprey in the island osprey nest, which had been blown off the island on Friday during a bad thunderstorm, had been found, healthy and safe, and were being moved back up to a new nest platform in the tree. We watched from the shore as the whole operation went on, and even got to see the one osprey they had rescued on Friday and kept at the park headquarters overnight up close as it was being brought out to the canoe to go across to the island - very cool!

A great end to four wonderfully busy, hot, and beach-filled stay-at-home days!

Collecting shells in the shallow waters

Happy girlie :-)

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