Thursday, July 11, 2013

Having Fun

Xar recently posted running with reluctance. I've always said that I run because I truly love to run. But honestly, sometimes, such as this summer when it has been so heavy and humid that I feel I can hardly move forward, it's tough to say I'm doing it only because I love it. I'm also doing it because I feel like I have to, especially now that I've signed up for Stonecat. Of course, part of the "have to" is that I don't truly feel myself (or feel sane :-) )when I don't get out and run 3 or 4 or 5 times a week, so even if it is a soggy plod, it is better than nothing at all. This morning was a bit like that. Despite the (sort of low) temperature, it must have been 99% humidity out. A low, heavy, foggy mist hung in the air. I ran down to the river, enjoying the roar of the water even as I inwardly groaned about the sweat, the deer flies, this d*#m humidity. I do realize that I am lucky to have this chance, this opportunity, enough freedom from the heaviness of life, to run, so even if I complain, I'm not truly taking all this for granted. Promise.

Speaking of fun, it is hard not to appreciate life when living with a little bundle of energy, joy, chaos, and imagination. Sam is at the awesome age where she is truly her own person. She can reason. She can speak and voice her thoughts, her dreams, her wishes, her concerns - using better English, in fact, than many adults. She is lovable and kind, although alternately a bit dramatic and exasperating. She can play, and make up silly games, think up funny, but still attached to reality, little roles for us to play. Tonight she pulled out her silly plastic beads and bracelets, her Hello Kitty purse and watch, her headbands and her sunglasses, and told me that we had better "get beautiful" because we were going to "the fair." And where was that fair? Well, where else but in our kitchen?! "Better hurry, Mama, or the fair is going to close!" Of course, when we got there, it wasn't open yet, but there was a birthday party to go to instead :-) When I suggested we perhaps go to Ronnie & Gigi's cafe, she said OK and started pulling off all her jewelry. Why? Well, because, you don't have to look beautiful to go to a cafe! Silly Mama.

All gussied up and ready to go :-)

Let's go! Let's go!

Looking "beautiful" and ready for "the fair"

And in case you think this is all just too picture perfect, well, we do sometimes yell, her hair is often tangled, the floor hasn't been vacuumed for days and there are many smooshed Cheerios on the floor, we eat a fair number of sweets and processed foods, and yes, she does watch TV, perhaps a bit too much some days. Dora is her current favorite. Here she is dancing in a bit of a trance to one of the Dora tunes that is currently stuck in my head. Perfect torture for runs when the mind goes blank :-)

Dancing to Dora

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