Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Bit of Everything

Wednesday morning, I wore tights at 5:15 am for my Mt. A. hill repeats. Wasn't feeling quite as snappy as I had last Thursday afternoon and didn't quite maintain focus, but gave it what I had and got it done. (6.2 miles)

The rest of the morning was spent helping Sam get ready for crazy hair day at school. So cute :)

Around 11:30 am when I went out for my work errands, it was so warm, I was able to walk around town without a sweater! Instant summer!

And by the time I got up to Wiscasset for Sam's first XC meet of the season, even though I had changed into a skirt and t-shirt, I was sweating just walking around the field in the sun helping keep things organized! Whew! Sam looked nice and strong in the 3/4 mile and had a great time with her teammates. Go Topsham TRex!

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