Friday, May 4, 2018

Fitting It In

Didn't sleep well Wednesday night, work has been crazy, my mind is going a million miles a minute for all sorts of reasons, I was feeling slightly more crazed than normal and needless to say I did not get up and out on Thursday morning for a run. I therefore decided to put my time at the Y to good use and ran on the indoor track while Sam had swim practice. Yes, I could have run outside, but honestly, that is sort of stressful because then I have to ensure I'm back at a certain time and don't run too long of a loop and what if something happens?! and all the things that my brain ponders when I'm feeling a little more over the top than usual ;) So, 65 laps around the track it was, with the Ginger Runner Live podcast with Chris Mocko to keep me company. Should I have run more miles today? Probably. But this is life, and it just doesn't always work out how it should on that lovely training plan set on paper 6 months ago. Sometimes you just do what you can and move on. (5.0 miles)

Lots of things on my plate for today before we head north to Jamie and Kate's for the weekend (although I am admittedly taking a short break to eat lunch and relax before tackling the rest of the to do list!). Therefore, to keep my aforementioned stress levels as low as possible, I decided to get up and get in a run before dropping Sam off, instead of after. It was a beautiful if rather humid morning. A gorgeous pastel sky greeted me as I ran down the street, and there was a lovely reflection of the early morning light in the calm waters of the Heath. The river was roaring and I was treated to the first blooming trailing arbutus of the season! Yay spring! Also saw a fox.

I always profess to love fall the best, but there is something simply wondrous about the way the world comes to life, greening and blooming and growing, in the spring. I so enjoy watching the woods change as I run the trails in the springtime. All told, a lovely way to start the day. (8.2 miles)

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