Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Lots of beauty out in the woods this week as the leaves and forest floor turn green and the early spring wildflowers begin to bloom.

Got out Monday morning for a nice recovery jaunt out in the Cathance. Legs felt pretty decent, although I was admittedly fairly tired overall. Beautiful sunrise over the Heath, trailing arbutus blooming, and skunk cabbage, starflower and false lily of the valley leaves unfurling. An osprey was calling overhead, perhaps having built a nest up atop the Mt. A. tower? (5.4 miles)

The evening brought XC practice, this time with a nice loop up and over Mt. A., with a few Chicken Hill repeats thrown in for the kiddos. My watch read 1.3 miles so I'm sure they ran 1.5 miles at least. A good day! And whew, after adding in that additional mileage, I was most definitely tired ;)

Tuesday was a rest day with a lovely massage by my friend Lauren before work. Ahhhh. So nice to get the kinks worked out of my legs!

This morning I headed out into the misty, foggy cool morning for a run on the Cathance trails. Hard to resist at this time of year :) Found a lovely patch of purple trillium blooming, stopped to watch the river roaring near the ice hole and was amazed as always at how the early spring greens pop on an overcast morning at this time of year. Scared up a turkey and a grouse out in the woods, and then, lucked out and saw two fox pups playing around in a rock jumble on the way home. Mama wasn't pleased that I stopped to watch them and was barking at me, but they were just so adorable! Very curious too and one of them poked their head over the top of the rocks to watch me for a bit before I continued on my way. Such a wonderful sighting 💗🐺 and it SO made my morning 😍 (7.0 miles)

Finished up the day at Sam's home XC meet. Lots of good performances today on a beautiful afternoon and Sam had an awesome race, passing a number of kids in the last 1/3 of the race with a strong finish 💕🏃

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